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Strip Poker Deluxe

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  • What hardware and software are required for Strip Poker Deluxe? Will it take up lots of disk space on my machine?

The game takes very few resources. For the video to run smoothly you should have at least a Pentium 100 processor and a CD-ROM drive. You also need a sound card to hear hear the girls as they speak in the videos. The game takes little, if any, room on your hard drive since it is played directly from the CD-ROM. The Setup and Install Drivers buttons launch the setup program that installs Intel's Indeo video drivers, which take up hardly any space on your drive.

All versions of the Game run on Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT, 2000 and Windows XP. The 4 earlier volumes -- volumes 1, 2, 3 & the Presidential Affairs 1 volume also run on Windows 3.1.

  • I've been disappointed with the modesty of the models in other adult games. What is the level of nudity in Strip Poker Deluxe?

In all the recent volumes, the girls are not modest at all.  When they've lost, they show pretty much everything there is of them to see.  Volume I is just somewhat more modest.

  • Is there any indication on the shipping package that this is an adult product?

There is absolutely no indication on the outside of the shipping packaging that this is an adult product!

  • Do you keep and sell mailing lists or email lists of your customers? Can I get on an email list to be notified when the next volume is released?

We do not keep any mailing lists of our customers!  Since we do not keep any lists we cannot  sell them!  Your privacy is completely protected with us!

Although many of our customers have asked to be put on a mailing list to be notified of new volumes as they are released -- we don't even have a mailing list for that.  You should just visit our web site occasionally to see if there's anything new.

  • I'm afraid of my credit card information being stolen if I order online. Is ordering online really secure?

Using the Secure Order Form connects you to the "Secure Sockets Layer" where the transaction is encrypted before it is sent over the internet.

  • When I place an order by credit card, what gets listed on the credit card statement?

If you use a Visa or MasterCard, just our company name and phone number are listed.  If you use American Express the purchase is listed as "Software".

  • What if I have no credit card?

We are happy to accept both money orders and personal checks.  We cannot accept cash.  Customers outside the US should obtain an International Money Order made out in US dollars.  International money orders can be obtained at any bank.

To order through the mail, please print a copy of the order form from the web site and fill out the form.  You MUST truthfully check the box that applies to you with regard to whether you are of legal age.

The check or money order should be made out to:  Eagle Rock Enterprises, Inc., and sent along with the order form to the following address:

Eagle Rock Enterprises
PO Box 320834
Los Gatos, CA 95032-0113

  • What carrier is used for shipping?

We use the US Postal Service, which means there is no problem with delivering to PO boxes, and they also deliver on Saturday.

  • What is installed on my computer when I run the Setup or Install Drivers program?

The setup process launches the setup program that installs the Intel video codecs (drivers).  These are quite small and take up almost no space.  You only have to do this once.

The more recent volumes use more recent Intel codecs, so these should be installed rather than the older ones.  For example:  if you order volumes IV and III, you should run the setup from the Volume IV CD since that will have the newest codecs required by Volume IV as well as the older codecs used by Volume III.

  • Can I play against multiple opponents?

No.  We feel it makes the pictures of each of the girls too small -- and that's not why we play strip poker!  Strip Poker Deluxe is one on one between you and your opponent.

  • Have any of the opponents been in the major men's magazines?

Yes, at least 4 of our models have been in one of the two major men's magazines that start with the letter "P" as well as a number of other magazines.  We can't name the magazines, however, for legal reasons.

On the other hand, a number of our models are students and regular girls who have never been nude before a camera before.

  • I live outside the US -- will I have to pay import duty and what about the Customs Declaration form?

We don't really know whether your country will require import duty.  It depends on the country.  From our perspective, we just ship it out.

All packets shipped out of the US or to US Military bases require a Customs Form to be attached to the packet describing the contents.  The description we use is "Non-restricted Software".  Certain software products using various types of encryption are "Restricted Software" that cannot be sent to various places.  Since Strip Poker Deluxe does not fall under this category it is therefore "Non-restricted Software".

  • How long does it take to arrive after I order?

In the US it usually takes between and week and two weeks.

  • Can I use the new game engine to play the older opponent files?

Yes, you can use the new game engine to play the older opponent files.  We were careful to make it fully backwards compatible.  This means that if you use the new engine you can have the added video benefits of 1) being able to view all the videos again at the end, 2) double size videos, and 3) half speed videos.

  • How can I make suggestions?

You can send suggestions to  We always appreciate constructive suggestions.

  • When will the next volume be released?

We don't know.  As soon as we finish it.

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