Strip Poker Deluxe

Strip Poker Deluxe for the PC

Kelly - Strip Poker Vol. 1

Play exciting, 5-card strip poker against the gorgeous girls-next-door.

Strip Poker

You and your opponent both start with $75.  If you win all her money, a video appears and you can watch and listen as she strips off an article of clothing in exchange for another $75.  Keep winning until she's naked and shows you all of her birthday suit. The newest volumes have the new interface with the following features:

Recent Strip Poker Deluxe Releases

Strip Poker Deluxe Volume 4

More girls and more strip poker opponent files than ever before!
  • 2 CDs
  • 7 different girls
  • 14 opponent files (including 2 cheerleaders)
Colleen - Strip Poker Vol. 4

Strip Poker Deluxe Volume 5

Our newest major strip poker volume
  • 7 girls
  • 9 opponent files
  • excellent value!
Tiffany - Strip Poker Vol. 5

Strip Poker Deluxe Cheerleaders & Chains

This volume of Strip Poker Deluxe has an added twist! Once these cheerleaders are naked, they start adding handcuffs and chains, leaving them more exposed than ever! You've never seen strip poker like this before!
  • 3 different girls - all cheerleaders
  • 3 opponent files
Fallon - Strip Poker C & C
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